Potrok Aike

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Potrok Aike
Location Pali-Aike Volcanic Field, Güer Aike Department, Santa Cruz Province, Argentina, in Patagonia
Coordinates 51°57′47″S 70°22′46″W / 51.96306°S 70.37944°W / -51.96306; -70.37944Coordinates: 51°57′47″S 70°22′46″W / 51.96306°S 70.37944°W / -51.96306; -70.37944
Type maar
Basin countries Argentina
Max. length 3.5 km
Max. depth 100 m
Surface elevation 113 m

Potrok Aike is a maar in the Patagonian province of Santa Cruz, Argentina. It has a roughly circular shape and an average diamete of 2,700 metres. It is located just 2,200 metres north of the Argentina-Chile border. It is a maar lake and part of the Pali-Aike Volcanic Field. The Potrok Aike Maar Lake Sediment Archive Drilling Project (PASADO) bore a number of ICDP drill holes for October–November 2008.[1] The aim is to investigate the crater-filling sediments and the underlying volcaniclastic deposits.