Lake Alcacocha (Pasco)

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Lake Alcacocha
Location Peru, Pasco Region, Pasco Province,
Coordinates 10°35′30″S 76°19′25″W / 10.59167°S 76.32361°W / -10.59167; -76.32361Coordinates: 10°35′30″S 76°19′25″W / 10.59167°S 76.32361°W / -10.59167; -76.32361
Basin countries Peru

Lake Alcacocha (possibly from Quechua allqa black-and-white qucha lake)[1] is a lake in Peru situated in the Pasco Region, Daniel Alcides Carrion Province, Tusi District, and in the Pasco Province, Simón Bolívar District. It is located 12 km from Cerro de Pasco.

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