Lake Altham

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Lake Altham
Lake Altham is located in Western Australia
Lake Altham
Lake Altham
Location in Western Australia
LocationGreat Southern, Western Australia
Coordinates33°23′S 118°26′E / 33.383°S 118.433°E / -33.383; 118.433Coordinates: 33°23′S 118°26′E / 33.383°S 118.433°E / -33.383; 118.433
Basin countriesAustralia
Surface area2.4 km2 (0.93 sq mi)

Lake Altham, part of the Lake Grace System, is a wetland located in the Great Southern region of Western Australia. Situated in the Shire of Kent, the lake is part of the Western Mallee subregion of the Mallee region.[2] It has an area of about 2.4 square kilometres (0.93 sq mi) and is one of four lakes in the area comprising a DIWA-listed wetland of national importance.[3]

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