Lake Consequence (film)

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Lake Consequence
Lake Consequence dvd cover.jpg
DVD cover
Directed by Rafael Eisenman
Produced by Avram Kaplan
Written by Zalman King
Starring Joan Severance
Billy Zane
May Karasun
Music by George S. Clinton
Cinematography Harris Savides
Edited by James Bedford
Distributed by Warner Home Video
Release date
January 1, 1993 (1993-01-01)
Running time
85 minutes
Country United States
Language English
Budget US$

Lake Consequence is a 1992 made for television erotic drama film. It was directed by Rafael Eisenman with casting by Sue Swan. The film's tagline was, "A man and two women".


Irene, a housewife (Joan Severance), becomes bored while her husband and son are absent on a weekend fishing trip. She becomes attracted to Billy (Billy Zane), a man she met when he trimmed a tree in her neighborhood. She accidentally becomes trapped in his trailer and arrives at Lake Consequence hours later. Discovered by his bisexual girlfriend, Grace (May Karasun), and then Billy, they agree to drive her into town so she can catch a bus home. Chinese New Year is in full swing and she is seduced by Billy during the celebrations at a Chinese nightclub and bath house.

As Irene develops an erotic relationship with Billy, repressed images of her teenage experience return. Confronted by her own sexuality and her forgotten past, and jealous of Billy's attentions to Grace, Irene flees after starting a fire.

However Billy chases her and drives her home, where her husband and child have yet to return. Feeling grief and self-loathing, Irene hesitates to return to her family. Billy lectures her on her responsibilities as wife, helps her to dress and disappears before they return that night.


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