Lake Humboldt

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Lake Humboldt
2012-05-28 View of Humboldt Sink and Lake from Topog Peak in Nevada.jpg
Humboldt Sink and Lake
Lake Humboldt is located in Nevada
Lake Humboldt
Lake Humboldt
Location in Nevada
Location Churchill / Pershing counties, Nevada, United States
Coordinates 40°00′02.88″N 118°37′27.12″W / 40.0008000°N 118.6242000°W / 40.0008000; -118.6242000
Type Endorheic
Primary inflows Humboldt River
Primary outflows none (Humboldt Sink)
Basin countries United States

Lake Humboldt or Humboldt Lake is an endorheic basin lake in northern Churchill County and southern Pershing County in the state of Nevada in the United States.[1]

The lake receives the Humboldt River from the north but has no outlet. Humboldt Sink, an intermittent extension of the lake to the south, crosses into northern Churchill County.[1] Since the lake is fed by a freshwater source but has no outlet, its water varies between brackish and extremely salt-laden depending on its distance from the inlet.


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