Lake Lackawanna

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Lake Lackawanna
LocationByram Township, New Jersey
Coordinates40°57′03″N 74°41′47″W / 40.95083°N 74.69639°W / 40.95083; -74.69639Coordinates: 40°57′03″N 74°41′47″W / 40.95083°N 74.69639°W / 40.95083; -74.69639
Basin countriesUnited States
Surface elevation702 ft (214 m)

Lake Lackawanna was created by the removal of fill material for the creation of Lubber Run Fill on the Lackawanna Cut-Off in northwest New Jersey, United States. The lake is fed by Lubbers Run, which was dammed when this section of the Cut-Off was constructed during the years 1908–1911.

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