Lake Parz

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Lake Parz
Clear Lake (Parz lich).jpg
Lake Parz in the mountains near Dilijan, Armenia
LocationTavush Province, Armenia
Coordinates40°45′05″N 44°57′38″E / 40.751389°N 44.960556°E / 40.751389; 44.960556Coordinates: 40°45′05″N 44°57′38″E / 40.751389°N 44.960556°E / 40.751389; 44.960556
Basin countriesArmenia
Max. length0.35 km (0.22 mi)
Max. width0.1 km (0.062 mi)
Surface area0.03 km2 (0.012 sq mi)
Surface elevation1,334 m (4,377 ft)
Lake Parz is in Tavush Province of Armenia.
Lake Parz is in Tavush Province of Armenia.
Lake Parz
Lake Parz

Lake Parz (Armenian: Պարզ Լիճ) is a small lake located in the Dilijan National Park east of Dilijan in Armenia. The lake was formed by natural climatic changes. "Parz" in Armenian means clear.

In 2017 the TransCaucasian Trail was created to connect Parz Lake with the town of Dilijan and in the opposite direction with Gosh Village and Gosh Lake. The trail was created through the building of new trail segments to connect existing trails or dirt roads together.

In 2018 Trails For Change NGO has built a new trail that loops around the Lake.

At the Lake you will find a restaurant, bar, paddle boats ropes course and zip lines

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