Lake Salvador

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Lake Salvador
Location Jefferson / Lafourche / St. Charles parishes, Louisiana, US
Coordinates 29°43′26″N 90°14′46″W / 29.7238°N 90.2462°W / 29.7238; -90.2462Coordinates: 29°43′26″N 90°14′46″W / 29.7238°N 90.2462°W / 29.7238; -90.2462
Basin countries United States
Max. length 26 km (16 mi)
Max. width 19 km (12 mi)
Surface area 18,100 ha (44,800 acres)
Average depth 1.8 m (6 ft)

Lake Salvador is a 44,800-acre (18,100 ha) lake located about 12 miles (19 km) southwest of New Orleans, Louisiana in Jefferson, Lafourche and St. Charles parishes.[1] The lake has had multiple names. On the d'Anville map of 1732, the name of the lake was Lac des Ounchas. The Darby map of 1816 lists the name of the lake as Ouacha Lake. Finally, on the Cram map of 1916, the name of the lake was both Lake Ouache or Salvador.[2]

Lake Salvador is a shallow lake, with an average depth of about six feet.[3] It is mostly located at sea level and measures about 16 miles long and 12 miles wide.[3] The lake is fed by Bayou Des Allemands then eventually flows into the Gulf of Mexico.[4][5] Lake Salvador is surrounded by swamp and offer a habitat for catfish, bass and red drum/redfish.[6]

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