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Lakeview College was a sixth form located in Beeston, Nottingham. It was located on the same campus as Chilwell School and Chilwell Olympia. It had approximately 250 students, mainly studying for AS and A2 level exams, though other courses were taken at the college. Once used as part of Chilwell School, it was opened as a sixth form college in 1984. It was fed by students from Chilwell School and Alderman White Language College, although there were many students from the neighbouring areas of Bramcote and Stapleford.

As part of Chilwell's 2006 Ofsted inspection, the college was rated as "good".[1]

In September 2006, Chilwell governors made the decision to make Lakeview College entirely managed and taught by Chilwell staff by September 2008. Alderman White were also due to pull out by this date due to the school entering the White Hills Park Federation which would have its own sixth form centre.


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