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Lam River.
Ben Thuy Bridge crossover Cả River.

The Cả River (Laotian: Nam Khan, Vietnamese: Sông Cả or better known as sông Lam or Lam River wikt:藍) is a river in mainland Southeast Asia.


The word Lam is spelled to the Rung (ຮຸ່ງ) in the Lao language what means bright. Old Vietnamese idioms have the Sông Rung rú Hống (Rung river and Hong mountain) and Sông Lam rọi núi Hồng (Blue river lights up Red mountain).

Beside, word Cả means first what insinuated the importance of Lam river.


It originates in the Loi Mountains of Laos, crossing Laos's Xiangkhouang Province, Vietnam's Nghệ An and Hà Tĩnh provinces and empties into the Gulf of Tonkin, on the North Central Coast of Vietnam, after a 512 km journey.[1] The Cả River zone is classified as 300 km by the Vietnam Geographical Survey.[2] The Bến Thủy bridge, crossing into Bến Thủy, Vinh, crosses the Cả River on its Cửa Hội estuary.

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Coordinates: 18°45′36″N 105°45′36″E / 18.7600°N 105.7600°E / 18.7600; 105.7600