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Product type Olive Oil
Owner Speiron (Athens, Greece)
Introduced 2007

Lambda (stylized λ /lambda/) is an award winning Greek luxury olive oil brand, produced by Speiron company, founded in 2007 by Greek entrepreneur Giorgos Kolliopoulos. It has been called the first luxury olive oil in the world.[1][2] Its brand name originates from the Greek word λάδι (ladi) which means oil in Greek.


Lambda has been noted for its stylized packaging.[3][4] Its marketing is targeted at affluent consumers.[5] It is sold online,[6] in Greece, Brazil, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Netherlands, Luxembourg [7] and UK department stores Harrods[8] and Fortnum & Mason.[9]

  • Acidity: 0.28° (Harvest 2016-2017)
  • Packaging: 100 ml. & 500 ml. glass bottle - handcrafted gift box packaging
  • Specifications: Cold extraction, superior blend of Koroneiki and Kolovi olive varieties, entirely bottled by hand

In October 2010, the company announced the launch of the Bespoke Lambda, which is the first personalized olive oil in the world, being also the most expensive globally.[10]

In December 2014, λ /lambda/ olive oil was included in the most expensive Christmas hamper that broke the Guinness World Record for a hamper. [11]


Silver Award Medal, New York Festivals 2008.[12]


In June 2011, the company signed a direct vendor agreement with Harrods.[13]


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