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Lamina Emergent Mechanisms (also known as LEMs) are more commonly referred to as "Pop-up Mechanisms" as seen in "pop-up-books". LEM is the technical term of such mechanisms or engineering. LEMs are a subset of compliant mechanisms fabricated from planar materials (lamina) and have motion emerging from the fabrication plane. LEMs use compliance, or the deflection of flexible members to achieve motion.[1]


Ortho-Planar Mechanisms are an earlier concept similar to LEMs.[2] More well known LEMs include pop-up books,[3] flat-folding origami mechanisms, origami stents,[4] and deployable mechanisms. The research in LEMs also overlaps with deployable structures,[5] origami, kirigami, compliant mechanisms, Microelectromechanical systems, packaging engineering,[6] robotics,[7] paper engineering, and more.


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