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Location Tennengebirge, Salzburg,  Austria
Basin features
Main source Southern Tennengebirge
1,700 m
River mouth Near Golling into the Salzach
480 m
47°34′59″N 13°10′06″E / 47.5830°N 13.1682°E / 47.5830; 13.1682
Physical characteristics
Length 41 km

The Lammer river is a right tributary of the Salzach in Salzburg and is located below Hallein. The river rises in the Tennengebirge and flows from east to west, joining with the Salzach at Golling an der Salzach.

The River Lammer is known for its very clean water and is very popular for wild water sportsmen. The length of the river is about 41 kilometres (25 mi).

Coordinates: 47°34′59″N 13°10′06″E / 47.583°N 13.1682°E / 47.583; 13.1682