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Lan's Lantern was a science fiction fanzine edited by George "Lan" Laskowski. It was nominated for the Hugo for Best Fanzine for 1986 through 1996, winning in 1986 and 1991.[1] It is often referred to as an appreciation zine because it specialized in issues with articles celebrating a science fiction single author such as issue #11 which focused on Clifford D. Simak or issue #9 which focused on the writings of Jack Williamson, an early 1950s science fiction author whose work appeared in Amazing Stories.[2] The first issue was published in April 1976 and the final issue #47 was published in December 1998. Issues ranged from 30 to 120 pages each. [3]

"Lan's Lantern not only runs the best articles and most thoughtful reviews of any fanzine around, but also has become the Rand McNally of the fannish community."[4]

George "Lan" Laskowski passed in 1999 and a memorial website was set up at the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America.[5]


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