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Lan Ekintza's logo.

Lan Ekintza Bilbao is the local development agency of the Bilbao City Council with a public service mission, which started operations in 1989. Its remit is to improve the quality of life of the citizens and the city of Bilbao, ensuring that development maintains a socio-economic balance among the city's districts and their residents.

Lan Ekintza's responsibilities include employment offices, promoting city trade, and boosting entrepreneurship and innovation.

Head office of Lan Ekintza Bilbao.
Offices in the business center of Lan Ekintza in Bilbao La Vieja (Old Bilbao).


  • Job seekers.
  • Marginalised social collectives.
  • Individuals needing training.
  • Young entrepreneurs.
  • SMEs and Microcompanies.
  • Companies seeking advisory services.
  • Bilbao shops.
  • Institutions and Social Stakeholders.

Impact indicators[edit]


Total 2000-2009
People processed: 38,728 people
People finding jobs: 16,225 people
People contracted: 2,807 people
Participation in programmes for Vocational Training/Qualifications: 10,741 people


Total 2000-2009
People processed: 12,335 people
Companies receiving support: 923 people
Direct employment generated: 1,712 people
Investment made: €37,860,830


Total 2009
Business information queries: 97
Individualised diagnostics: 53
Advice at the retail outlet: 57
Subsidies awarded: €76,500
Training actions: 130 stores
Support for Bilbao Dendak and Bilbao Traders Association: €357,000