Landing at Saidor order of battle

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US forces landing at Saidor, 7 January 1944

This is the order of battle of Allied and Japanese forces during the Landing at Saidor in 1944.

Allied forces[edit]

The Allied Task Force MICHAELMAS consisted of:[1]

  • 126th Infantry Regimental Combat Team
    • 126th Infantry Regiment
    • 120th Field Artillery Battalion
    • Company A, 114th Engineer Battalion
    • Company C and 1st Platoon of Company B, 632nd Tank Destroyer Battalion
    • Company A and a platoon of Company D, 107th Medical Battalion
    • Detachment of 32nd Quartermaster Company
    • Detachment of 732nd Ordnance Company
    • Detachment of Military Police Platoon, 32nd Infantry Division
  • Headquarters and Headquarters Battery, 191st Field Artillery Group
  • Batteries B and D, 209th Coast Artillery Battalion (Automatic Weapons)
  • Headquarters and Headquarters Battery, and Batteries A and D, 743rd Coast Artillery Battalion (Gun) (Anti Aircraft)
  • Detachment, 8th Engineer Survey Squadron
  • Shore Battalion, 542nd Engineer Boat and Shore Regiment
  • Company B, 542nd Engineer Boat and Shore Regiment
  • Detachment, 93rd Chemical Composite Company
  • 5th Portable Surgical Hospital
  • 23rd Field Hospital
  • One section of Company C, 543rd Quartermaster Service Battalion
  • One section of 2nd Platoon, 601st Graves Registration Company
  • Detachment, 32nd Signal Company
  • Company C, 262nd Medical Supply Battalion
  • Detachment, Australian New Guinea Administrative Unit (Australian Army)
  • 2nd Combat Assignment Unit (Photo)
  • 121st Field Artillery Battalion
  • 27th Medical Supply Platoon (Aviation)
  • Company C (collecting), 135th Medical Regiment
  • 1st Platoon, 670th Clearing Company
  • 808th Engineer Aviation Battalion
  • Battery A, less one platoon, 236th Anti Aircraft Artillery Searchlight Battalion
  • 3rd Platoon, 453rd Engineer Depot Company
  • 21st Ordnance Company, plus attachments
  • Detachment of Company A, 60th Signal Battalion
  • 863rd Engineer Aviation Battalion
  • One platoon of 189th Gasoline Supply Company
  • 5th Malaria Survey Unit,
  • 15th Malaria Control Unit

The following were attached to the Task Force:

  • 10th Air Liaison Party (USAAF)
  • Naval Beach party (USN)
  • Detachment, 15th Weather Squadron (USAAF)
  • Detachment, 21st Fighter Sub Sector (USAAF)
  • Assault Echelon, Company B, 583rd Signal Aircraft Warning Battalion (USAAF)
  • Radar Repair Team, B-12 (USAAF)

The following were later assigned:

  • 860th Engineer Aviation Battalion (less Companies B and C and HQ and Survey Company)
  • 1st and 3rd Battalion Combat Teams, 128th Infantry Regimental Combat Team
  • 18th Portable Surgical Hospital,

Japanese forces[edit]

Saidor Operation, January 1944.

The Japanese forces engaged in the area consisted of:[2]


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