Lange Frans & Baas B

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Lange Frans & Baas B
Lange Frans & Baas B performing at Koninginnedag in Delft on April 30, 2007.
Background information
Origin Diemen, Netherlands
Genres Nederhop
Years active 1997–2009
Associated acts D-Men
Lange Frans
Baas B

Lange Frans & Baas B ("Tall Frans & Boss B") was a Dutch hip hop duo. Both Lange Frans (alias of Frans Frederiks) and Baas B (alias of Bart Zeilstra) grew up in Diemen, Netherlands.

Musical career[edit]

1997-2003: Underground music[edit]

In 1997, after a freestyle session on a basketball court in Diemen-Zuid, the duo created hiphop collective D-Men[1] alongside Brutus, Frans' brother. The English pronunciation of "D-Men" is similar to the Dutch pronunciation of the name of their home town. As D-Men they released their first single in 1999, entitled "Zoveel Mensen" ("So Many People"), and they won a talent hunt that was organised by Stichting Grap ("Joke Foundation") in 2001. In 2003, D-Men was joined by the artists Brace, Yes-R & Soesi B, Negativ, C-Ronic and DJ MBA.[citation needed]

2004-2005: Rise to fame[edit]

Lange Frans & Baas B started to release singles as a duo in 2004.[citation needed] Their second single "Moppie" ("Babe") became a huge hit.[citation needed] Though they performed as a duo, the chorus of this song was sung by Brace.[citation needed] Their third single "Zinloos" ("Senseless"), a protest against so-called senseless violence (random street violence without a clear reason or sprung from minor incidents — a current hot topic in the Netherlands), became a number one hit in the Dutch charts at the end of the same year.[citation needed] On this track they were joined by singer Ninthe, who won TMF's 'Kweekvijver' later on.[citation needed] After the assassination of filmer and critic Theo van Gogh by Muslim fanatic Mohammed Bouyeri on November 2, 2004, a special version of "Zinloos" was recorded with adjusted lyrics.[citation needed] Parts of the lyrics were changed in order to address Theo van Gogh's assassination.[citation needed]

On 24 March 2006, Lange Frans hit a school student during a performance. Someone had thrown an ice cube at Lange Frans's head protesting some of the lyrics he had used on stage, whereupon Lange Frans jumped from the stage and hit a student. The victim turned out not to have thrown the ice cube. Due to this incident, Lange Frans was not allowed to perform at a Liberation Day music festival in Haarlem.[2]

2008: Attempted comeback[edit]

After the success disappeared in 2006, the duo stepped back from the limelight to worked on new music. In 2008 they released a single Kamervragen and an album Verder. Both failed to achieve commercial success and were labeled as disappointing by music journalists.

The split-up[edit]

On 27 March 2009 Lange Frans & Baas B told on the radio program of Giel Beelen (on 3fm) that the duo would stop working as a duo. Their last performance would be on the Dutch version of X-factor. For this, they sang the song "Dit was het land van" (This was the country of).




  • 2003: "Hete Kaas" (featuring Romy v.R.), #3 NL
  • 2004: "Supervisie"
  • 2004: "Moppie" (featuring Brace), #3 NL
  • 2004: "Zinloos" (featuring Ninthe), #1 NL
  • 2005: "Supervisie" (re-release), #35 NL
  • 2005: "Het land van...", #1 NL
  • 2005: "Mee naar Diemen-Zuid", #16 NL
  • 2006: "Ik wacht al zo lang" (featuring Brutus and Tim Akkerman), #18 NL
  • 2006: "Dit moet een zondag zijn"

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