Lange Voorhout 62

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Lange Voorhout 62, The Hague
Den Haag - Lange Voorhout 62.JPG
General information
Architectural styleNeoclassical style
LocationThe Hague
AddressLange Voorhout 62
Completed17th century (foundation) 1776 (remodeled in Neoclassical style)

Lange Voorhout 62 is a former mansion on the Lange Voorhout in The Hague, Netherlands. The building is in use by the Statenbank.


The building was owned by Gerard Hoet II, the son of the decorative painter Gerard Hoet.[1] He commissioned the paintings in the salon by the Hague painter P.C. la Fargue.[1] After he died the house was sold to Adriaan Senn van Basel, who had it remodeled in neoclassical style.[1]


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Coordinates: 52°05′01″N 4°18′50″E / 52.0837°N 4.3139°E / 52.0837; 4.3139