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British Columbia electoral district
Defunct federal electoral district
Legislature House of Commons
District created 1996
District abolished 2003
First contested 1997
Last contested 2000

Langley—Abbotsford (formerly known as Langley—Matsqui) was a federal electoral district in British Columbia, Canada, that was represented in the Canadian House of Commons from 1997 to 2004.


It consisted of the western part of Central Fraser Valley Regional District and the northwestern part of Langley District Municipality.


"Langley—Matsqui" riding was created in 1996 from parts of Fraser Valley East, Fraser Valley West and Surrey—White Rock—South Langley. The riding was renamed "Langley—Abbotsford" in 1997. It was only used in the 1997 and 2000 federal elections. The riding was abolished in 2003, divided between the ridings of Abbotsford and Langley.

Member of Parliament[edit]

This riding elected only one Member of Parliament:

Parliament Years Member Party
Riding created from Fraser Valley East, Fraser Valley West
and Surrey—White Rock—South Langley
36th  1997–2000     Randy White Reform
 2000–2000     Alliance
37th  2000–2003
 2003–2004     Conservative
Riding dissolved into Abbotsford and Langley

Election results[edit]

Canadian federal election, 2000
Party Candidate Votes % ∆% Expenditures
Alliance Randy White 38,810 70.11 +8.09 $56,408
Liberal Steve Ferguson 9,554 17.25 -7.69 $14,677
Progressive Conservative Bev Braaten 4,218 7.61 +4.09 $6,593
New Democratic Paul Latham 2,353 4.25 -2.44 $1,300
No affiliation Harold John Ludwig 420 0.75 -0.21
Total valid votes 55,355 100.0  
Total rejected ballots 186 0.33
Turnout 55,541 66.94
Alliance hold Swing +7.89
Change for the Canadian Alliance is based on the Reform Party.
Canadian federal election, 1997
Party Candidate Votes % Expenditures
Reform Randy White 31,664 62.02 $47,566
Liberal Peter Warkentin 12,733 24.94 $62,704
New Democratic Paul Latham 3,418 6.69 $6,322
Progressive Conservative Don Nundal 1,800 3.52 $4,778
Green Doug Warkentin 790 1.54 $34
Christian Heritage Harold John Ludwig 495 0.96 $1,502
Natural Law Meri Papetti 151 0.29 $4
Total valid votes 51,051 100.0  
Total rejected ballots 151 0.29
Turnout 51,202 67.27
This riding was created from parts of Fraser Valley East, Fraser Valley West and Surrey—White Rock—South Langley, all of which elected a Reform candidate in the previous election. Randy White was the incumbent from Fraser Valley West.

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