Lara Fabian (1991 album)

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Lara Fabian
Lara Fabian 1991.jpg
Studio album by Lara Fabian
Released 1991 (Re-released 1999)
Genre Dance-pop, chanson
Label Polydor, Universal
Producer Rick Allison
Lara Fabian chronology
Lara Fabian
Carpe Diem

Lara Fabian's eponymous French debut album is the only album Lara has ever recorded that is very upbeat (other upbeat songs are found in Lara Fabian's two English Albums from 2000 and 2004). It is also notable because it is her only album that is dominated by dance-pop type songs instead of ballads. The album became a modest hit, selling over 100,000 copies.

Track listing[edit]

# Title Music Lyrics Time
1 "Qui pense à l'amour" Rick Allison Lara Fabian, Rick Allison 04:29
2 "Les murs" Franck Olivier Franck Olivier 04:23
3 "Pourquoi pas l'exotisme?" Meissner Stan, Seth Swirsky Meissner Stan, Seth Swirsky, Lara Fabian 04:22
4 "Je m'arrêterais pas de t'aimer" Lara Fabian Lara Fabian 02:43
5 "Le jour où tu partiras" Franck Olivier Franck Olivier 03:34
6 "Simplement" Franck Olivier Franck Olivier 03:21
7 "Réveille-toi brother" Rick Allison, Langis Marc Lara Fabian 04:19
8 "Dire" Rick Allison Lara Fabian 04:06
9 "Il suffit d'un éclair" Meissner Stan Lara Fabian 04:13
10 "Croire" Jacques Cardona Alain Garcia 02:44


  • Lara Fabian: Main Vocal
  • B.J. Scott, Nathalie Slachmuylder, Dany Coen, Allan Dee: Vocal Backing
  • Rick Allison: Guitars, Keyboards, Keyboard & Drum Programming
  • Phillippe De Cock: Keyboards, Acoustic Piano, String Arrangements
  • Michel Hatzigeorgiou: Bass
  • J.P. Onraedt: Drums, Percussion
  • Stephen Owen: Drum Programming, Percussion
  • Pietro Lacirignola, Manuel Hermia: Saxophone