Larry Ewing

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Larry Ewing
Larry ewing linuxtag2007 berlin.jpg
Larry Ewing at LinuxTag 2007 in Berlin
Residence Austin, Texas
Occupation Image designer
Spouse(s) Kristy Anderson
Children Eva Ewing

Larry Ewing is a U.S. computer programmer who is known as the creator of the Linux mascot, Tux. He also created the Ximian monkey logo and is involved in:

  • F-Spot: a project aiming to "manage all your digital photography needs."
  • GtkHTML: a fast and dirty HTML renderer and editor used in several free software projects.
  • Novell Evolution: a mailer, a calendar and a contact manager, all in one.
  • GIMP: an image manipulation program.

He lives in Austin with his wife Kristy and his daughters Eva and Hazel.

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