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Larry Wachtel (born Lawrence Marvin Wachtel, July 2, 1930 - December 2, 2007) was a stock, bonds, and equities commentator on the New York City metropolitan area radio.[1][2] He added a populist flavor to his commentary on the stock market[3] and spoke in a thick Brooklyn accent.[3]


His comments were heard on 1010 WINS radio three times each trading day from approximately 1972 until 2005.[1] He was Senior Vice President of Wachovia Bank until 2005[1] and worked for Prudential before Wachovia took it over.[1]


Wachtel was known for his sign off catchphrase "Gather those rosebuds".[3]

Other quotes include: "The Dow is dopey, ... It gained 1,000 points since mid-April. That's impressive. If it falls 100 points, so be it."[4] "Now, this day prior to the long weekend, I don't think we'll have the cavalry charge at the close today. But I think this has legs. I think it could drive forward to, say, Dow 8500."[4] "The weakness from Friday carried forward to the international markets and we could get a horrific open here today. The concerns stem from the rising rates structure and what we got on Friday was something of a good news, bad news syndrome."[4]


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