Lasionycta uniformis

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Lasionycta uniformis
Lasionycta uniformis uniformis.JPG
Lasionycta uniformis uniformis
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Arthropoda
Subphylum: Hexapoda
Class: Insecta
Order: Lepidoptera
Family: Noctuidae
Genus: Lasionycta
Species: L. uniformis
Binomial name
Lasionycta uniformis
(Smith, 1893)
  • Scotogramma uniformis Smith, 1893b
  • Lasiestra uniformis McDunnough, 1938
  • Lasionycta uniformis Lafontaine et al., 1986

Lasionycta uniformis is a moth of the Noctuidae family. It is widely distributed in the mountains of western North America. It occurs from southern Yukon to northern California and Colorado, with an isolated population in eastern Quebec.

Lasionycta uniformis handfieldi
Lasionycta uniformis shasta
Lasionycta uniformis fusca
Lasionycta uniformis multicolor

It flies over alpine tundra and is most common on rocky slopes near treeline. It is predominantly nocturnal, is attracted to light and can be found feeding at Silene acaulis. Adults have been collected from.

Adults are on wing from early July to late August.


  • Lasionycta uniformis uniformis (Rocky Mountains and Purcell Mountains of southwestern British Columbia north to northeastern British Columbia)
  • Lasionycta uniformis multicolor (from Montana Mountain in southwestern Yukon, south in the British Columbia Coast Range to the Cascades in southern Washington)
  • Lasionycta uniformis fusca (from central Colorado and northern Utah to the Beartooth Plateau on the Wyoming-Montana border)
  • Lasionycta uniformis shasta (on Mount Shasta in the Cascade Range of northern California. It might be more widely distributed in northern California and Oregon in the southern Cascades or Klamath Mountains)
  • Lasionycta uniformis handfieldi (on Mount Albert in the Gaspé Peninsula of Quebec)

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