Last Exit (2003 film)

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Last Exit
Directed by David Noel Bourke
Produced by Last Exit Productions
Written by David Noel Bourke
Starring Gry Bay
Morten Vogelius
Peter Ottesen
Jette Philipsen
Nicholas Sherry
Distributed by Heretic Films (US/Canada)
Cult Movies Entertainment (Germany, Switzerland, Belgium)
Midget Entertainment (Denmark)
Running time
97 mins
Language English and Danish
Budget 1500 Dollars/ 10,000 DKK

Last Exit is an independently produced feature film from Denmark. Shot on a low budget, it features actress Gry Bay.[1]


Nigel (Morten Vogelius) is an incompetent criminal who flees his native England to Copenhagen in order to escape the loan sharks who are after him. He and his wife Maria (Jette Philipsen) shack up at a hotel, while each struggles separately with a drug problem. Maria manages to get a straight job, and Nigel gets a gig storing illegal goods for a local crime boss known as the President (Peter Ottesen). Things heat up when Nigel falls for Tanya (Gry Bay), a hooker who works for the President, and their affair makes him ever more distant from Maria. The stage is set for a sex and violence-fueled descent into mayhem as the plot twists and secrets are revealed. Maria gets pregnant and Nigel starts to snap, and the only sane one seems to be Jimmy, Nigel's existential pot dealer. Dark humor [2] and a driving pop-rock score[3] complete the dark and atmospheric story.[4]

Movie background[edit]

The film was written and directed by Irish-born independent filmmaker David Noel Bourke. This, his first feature film, was made at a cost of US$1500.[5] It was shot "guerilla style" using a digital camera without a crew.[6] It has a moody storyline with an offbeat soundtrack.[7] The movie features a heady style of sex, violence and philosophical speeches.[8] The reviews are mixed, although considering its budget limitations movie reviewer Nathan Shumate[9] refers to is as "quite possibly the best bang-for-the-buck in cinema history"[10] for such an indie film. It is distributed on DVD in the USA, Canada, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland and Denmark.[11]


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