Last Train to Trancentral (EP)

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Last Train to Trancentral
Last Train to Trancentral - EP.jpg
EP by Blue Man Group
Released October 31, 2006
Recorded September 4, 2005
Genre Experimental rock, Avant-garde
Length 16:44
Label Blue Man Group Records
Producer Todd Perlmutter
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Last Train to Trancentral
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Last Train to Trancentral is a digital EP by Blue Man Group, released on October 31, 2006 through the iTunes Store. The EP features a cover of the KLF song "Last Train to Trancentral", which is played during the paper finale at Blue Man Group's theatrical shows (except in London and Berlin where a remixed cover version of "I Feel Love" is played). The other tracks include one live song originally from the album, Audio ("PVC IV"), and two previously unreleased tracks. The track "Marshmallows & Gumballs" is from a theatrical skit where a Blue Man tosses marshmallows into another Blue Man's mouth, and the third Blue Man puts "gumballs" filled with paint in his mouth, and squirts the paint on a spinning canvas, creating spinart. The Wands song is a short that is played during the Venetian show.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Last Train to Trancentral" — 3:36
  2. "Marshmallows & Gumballs" — 5:48
  3. "Wands" (Live) — 2:06
  4. "PVC IV" (Live and Unedited) — 5:14