Last of the Summer Wine (series 10)

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Last of the Summer Wine Series 10
Country of origin United Kingdom
No. of episodes 7
Original network BBC1
Original release 16 October – 24 December 1988
Season chronology
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The Last of the Summer Wines tenth series aired on BBC1. All of the episodes were written by Roy Clarke and produced and directed by Alan J. W. Bell.


The trio in this series consisted of:

Actor Role
Michael Aldridge Seymour
Bill Owen Compo
Peter Sallis Clegg

First appearances[edit]

Smiler (1988, 1990, 1991–2007)
Auntie Wainwright (1988, 1989, 1992–2010)

List of episodes[edit]

Regular series

Title Airdate Description Notes
The Experiment 16 October Compo wonders why blood rushes to your head when you're upside down. Seymour sets up an experiment to explain.
The Treasure of the Deep 23 October After finding a valuable-looking object in a stream, Seymour is convinced it's part of robbers' swag, and sets out to recover the rest of the stolen items. Filming took place, again near the Standedge Tunnels
Dancing Feet 30 October Compo has hard skin on his feet, and in desperation, he buys a herbal remedy from a gypsy.
That Certain Smile 6 November Smiler is in hospital, and missing his beloved dog. The trio attempt to smuggle her into the hospital.

This episode marks the first appearance of Clem Hemmingway a.k.a. Smiler- originally intended to be his only appearance, but would (due to his popularity) return just 2 years later in Series 12, 1990.

Downhill Racer 13 November Seymour would love to go skiing, but in the absence of snow, he decides they should try sliding downhill on dinner trays.
The Day of the Welsh Ferret 20 November The trio go to a funeral, but Compo insists on bringing along a pet ferret.

Christmas Special (1988)

Title Airdate Description Notes
Crums 24 December It's Christmas 1988, and Barry intends to buy Glenda a water bed, the trio dress as Father Christmases for a charity event, and Howard looks for someone to guard Auntie Wainwright's shop.
  • 60 Minute Special.
  • This special marked the First appearance of Auntie Wainwright (then a guest star).
  • This episode was watched by 17.10 million viewers, making it the 7th most watched program of 1988.
  • Included on the series 11 & 12 boxset.
  • Jim Bowen guest stars for the first time
  • The title "Crums" is, according to dialogue in this episode, an acronym, which stands for the "Christmas Resistance Underground Movement."
  • This episode also featured the guest appearance of Yvette Fielding as Fran (Milburn's girlfriend). Although Milburn himself didn't actually appear as actor Jonathan Linsley left the series the year before.
  • Cliff Richard's Mistletoe and Wine can be heard in the background in the pub scene, which was also the Christmas No.1 that year.
  • Wally Batty is said to have died in this episode following the death of Joe Gladwin the year before.

DVD release[edit]

The box set for series nine was released by Universal Playback in May 2008, mislabelled as a box set for series 9 & 10.

The Complete Series 9 & 10
Set Details[1]
  • 15 episodes
  • 3-disc set
  • Language: English
Release Date
Region 2
5 May 2008


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