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Deputy editorSam Delaney
CategoriesMen's magazine
PublisherIPC Media
Year founded1999
Final issue2001
CountryUnited Kingdom
LanguageBritish English

Later was a monthly men's magazine (and "British lad magazine")[1] published by IPC Media from April 1999 to early 2001.[2]

History and profile[edit]

Later was established in 1999.[3] In an interview with Sam Delaney (who was deputy editor of Later in 2001 when he was 24 years old) in Heat magazine, "Later [was] designed to be Loaded for settled men in their 30s".[4]

The UK band Madness was interviewed in the September 1999 issue.[5]

In October 1999, Later featured an article on Tiswas, a 1974-1982 UK children's television series.[6]

In January 2000, Mid Night Club, a Japanese street racing gang, was featured in an article by Andy Wilman.

In April 2000, "the editor of Later magazine had declared fatherhood 'the new rock 'n' roll'" and "better known for showing men how to nurse their pints than their kids, supplemented its usual fare (scantily clad models, gizmos, booze, fighting and sports) with a section called 'Dad.' In an earnest attempt to meld adolescent recklessness and adult responsibility, its pages have included reviews of the toys a man can 'enjoy' with his children (Action Man figures, super-soakers and remote-control racing cars) as well as advice on whether children should 'know Daddy's drunk' or whether he should 'pretend to be a normal sober human being.'"[1]

In December 2000, Later had an article on martial arts, commenting "Wing Chun is the close protection bodyguards choice."[7]



Later released several compilation albums.[16] Serve Chilled featured tracks by Groove Armada and A Man Called Adam[17] and The Later Lounge 1 and 2 in 2001.[18] The Later Lounge 2 featured the debut single "Sea Groove" from Big Boss Man.


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