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Laulasmaa is located in Estonia
Location in Estonia
Coordinates: 59°22′51″N 24°14′42″E / 59.38083°N 24.24500°E / 59.38083; 24.24500Coordinates: 59°22′51″N 24°14′42″E / 59.38083°N 24.24500°E / 59.38083; 24.24500
CountyHarju County
MunicipalityLääne-Harju Parish
 (1 January 2004[1])
 • Total309

Laulasmaa is a village in Lääne-Harju Parish, Harju County, in northwestern Estonia. It's located about 29 km (18 mi) west of the capital Tallinn, west of Keila-Joa, north of Kloogaranna, by the Lahepere Bay (part of the Gulf of Finland). Laulasmaa had the population of 309 (1 January 2004).[1]

Village was mentioned first time under the Swedish power (Laulasmeh). Laulasmaa borders with Lohusalu, Keila-Joa and Kloogaranna.

People started to spend their summers in Laulasmaa from the 1930s, but the first summer cottages were built in the early 20th century.

Laulasmaa is home to composer Arvo Pärt and the location of the Arvo Pärt Centre.


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