Laura H. Carnell

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Laura Carnell in her academic robes, from a 1908 publication.

Laura Horner Carnell (September 7, 1867 - March 30, 1929) was an American educator and the first dean of Temple University.[1][2][3]

Carnell was born in 1867 in Philadelphia and graduated in 1886 from the Philadelphia Normal School. In 1895, Temple founder Russell Conwell asked Carnell to join Temple's faculty. She helped found the Women's Department, and was named acting dean in 1897. In 1905 she was named dean, and served in that post until 1925, and then became associate president.[1] She was also named to the Philadelphia Board of Public Education in 1923.[1]

Temple awards Laura Carnell professorships to "recognize faculty who have distinguished themselves in research, scholarship, the creative arts and teaching."[4]

Laura H. Carnell School in Philadelphia is also named for her.


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