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Laurent Pascal Chambon Guéguen (born 22 May 1972) is a French sociologist and politicologist[1] who has resided in Amsterdam since 1998. A specialist of the question of minorities in politics, he was elected in the borough of Amsterdam Oud-Zuid for the Labour Party (PvdA) from March 2006 to May 2010.[2] Chambon was the only non-Dutch European politician in the Netherlands at the time. He is a native of Châtenay-Malabry, south-southwest of Paris.

Co-founder of the minority-related website Minorités,[3] he is a visible figure, as a sociologist and former politician, in French media to discuss the Netherlands, as well as in the Dutch media to discuss France. He was a correspondent for French-speaking media in the Netherlands (particularly Têtu and Libération).

A doctor (PhD) in political science and a former pupil at the Lycée Lakanal, he is also a producer for Cherry Juice Recordings[4] and a musician as Laurent Outang, one half of Laurent & Lewis. After having taught French and political science at the Hyperion Lyceum in Amsterdam, he now teaches at the Lyceum Rotterdam. Chambon is member of the antiracist party BIJ1 and the antispecist party Party for the Animals (PvdD). He is also a member of the AOb and Teachers in action (Leraren in actie) trade unions.


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