Law School of Fluminense Federal University

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Law School of Fluminense Federal University
Type Public university
Established June 03, 1912
Director Prof. Dr. Edson Alvisi Neves
Location Brazil Niterói, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Campus Urban
Website [1]

The Law School of Fluminense Federal University is a teaching unit located at Rua Presidente Pedreira, nº 62, in the neighborhood Ingá, in Niterói, Rio de Janeiro.

The institution is among the best and most traditional schools of legal education in Brazil. Approaching its centennial, the excellent results in bar exams [1] and the efforts of its young researchers put the Law School of UFF in a leading position in Brazilian legal research.


  • Title:

Bachelor in Law

  • Duration:

From 10 to 16 semesters.


Titles: Master or Ph.D in law

  • Program of graduation in law and sociology
  • Program of graduation in administrative justice
  • Program of graduation in constitutional law

Title: Specialist in law

  • Program of specialization in public administration
  • Program of specialization in private law
  • Program of specialization in civil suit
  • Program of specialization in financial and tax law

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