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Laza may refer to:


  • Laza, Qabala, a village in Qabala Rayon, Azerbaijan
  • Laza, Qusar, a village in Qusar Rayon, Azerbaijan
  • Laza, Spain, a municipality in the province of Ourense, Galicia region of north-west Spain
    • Laza mine, an open pit mine near the municipality
  • Laza, Vaslui, a commune in Vaslui County, Romania
  • Laža parish, an administrative unit of Aizpute Municipality, Latvia
  • Laza River, a river tributary in Romania


  • Laza Kostić (1842–1909), Serbian writer, philosopher, and politician
  • Laza Lazarević (1851–1891), Serbian writer, psychiatrist, and neurologist
  • Laza Morgan (born 1983), Jamaican American reggae singer and rapper
  • Laza Ristovski (1956–2007), Serbian and former Yugoslav keyboardist
  • Belsy Laza (born 1967), Cuban former shot putter