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Lazdeika the Crab (Lithuanian: Krabas Lazdeika) is a rainbow crab from Lithuania. The crab was used by web portal as an oracle to predict the outcomes of each of the Lithuania national basketball team matches in the EuroBasket 2011. The crab has also predicted the outcomes of Lithuania in 2012 FIBA World Olympic Qualifying Tournament and at the 2012 Summer Olympics.


During divinations, Lazdeika was presented with two coconut shells, each marked with one of the flags of the competing countries. The coconut Lazdeika chose to shelter in first was considered to be his prediction as to the winner of the game.


EuroBasket 2011[edit]

Teams Stage Date Prediction Result Outcome
 Lithuania vs  Great Britain Group stage 31 August Lithuania[1] 80–69 Correct
 Poland vs  Lithuania Group stage 1 September Lithuania[2] 77–97 Correct
 Turkey vs  Lithuania Group stage 2 September Lithuania[3] 68–75 Correct
 Lithuania vs  Spain Group stage 4 September Spain[4] 79–91 Correct
 Portugal vs  Lithuania Group stage 5 September Lithuania[5] 69–98 Correct
 Serbia vs  Lithuania Second round 7 September Lithuania[6] 90–100 Correct
 Lithuania vs  France Second round 9 September France[7] 67–73 Correct
 Lithuania vs  Germany Second round 11 September Lithuania[8] 84–75 Correct
 Macedonia vs  Lithuania Quarterfinals 14 September Lithuania[9] 67–65 Incorrect
 Slovenia vs  Lithuania Classification 15 September N/A[10] 77–80 N/A
 Lithuania vs  Greece Classification 17 September N/A[10] 73–69 N/A
 Spain vs  France Final 18 September France[10] 98–85 Incorrect

2012 FIBA World Olympic Qualifying Tournament[edit]

Teams Stage Date Prediction Result Outcome
 Venezuela vs  Lithuania Group stage 3 July Lithuania[11] 82–100 Correct
 Lithuania vs  Nigeria Group stage 4 July Lithuania[12] 80–86 Incorrect
 Lithuania vs  Puerto Rico Quarterfinals 6 July Lithuania[13] 76–72 Correct
 Lithuania vs  Dominican Republic Semifinals 7 July Lithuania[14] 109–83 Correct

2012 Olympic Basketball Tournament[edit]

Teams Stage Date Prediction Result Outcome
 Argentina vs  Lithuania Preliminary round 29 July Lithuania[15] 102–79 Incorrect
 Lithuania vs  Nigeria Preliminary round 31 July Lithuania[16] 74–55 Correct
 France vs  Lithuania Preliminary round 2 August Lithuania[17] 74–82 Incorrect
 Lithuania vs  United States Preliminary round 4 August USA[18] 94–99 Correct
 Tunisia vs  Lithuania Preliminary round 6 August Lithuania[19] 63–76 Correct
 Russia vs  Lithuania Quarterfinals 6 August Russia[20] 83–74 Correct


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