Le Fleuve Niger se meurt

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Le Fleuve Niger se meurt
Directed by Adam Aborak Kandine
Produced by CRPF/CIRTEF Niamey
Screenplay by Adam Aborak Kandine, Ali Oumarou
Music by Issoufou Chanayé (grupo de teatro de Gaya)
Cinematography Adam Aborak Kandine
Edited by Adam Aborak Kandine
Release date
Running time
7 minutes
Country Niger

Le Fleuve Niger se meurt is a 2006 documentary film.


This short documentary film tells the story of Alfari, who lives on the bank of the Niger, a river which is slowly running dry due to climate change. Alfari had to give up fishing to become a gardener, fighting against the hippopotamus that devastate his plantations.


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