Le Mourillon

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Fort St Louis at Le Mourillon

Le Mourillon is a neighbourhood to the east of the French city of Toulon, near the entrance to the Rade or roadstead. It was once a fishing village, and then became the home of many of the officers of the French fleet and to part of the naval dockyard. Mourillon has a small fishing port, next to a 16th-century fort, Fort Saint Louis, which was reconstructed by Vauban.[1] In the 1970s the city of Toulon built a series of sheltered sandy beaches in Mourillon, which today are very popular with the Toulonais and with naval families. The Museum of Asian Art is located in a house on the waterfront near Fort St. Louis.


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  • Union sportive du Mourillon club de rugby à XV.
  • Cadets 2006/2007 Demi-Finalistes Teulière B
  • Cadets 2007/2008 Eliminated in the 16éme of Final Teulière B


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Coordinates: 43°06′25″N 5°55′55″E / 43.10694°N 5.93194°E / 43.10694; 5.93194