Le Vendôme Beirut Hotel

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InterContinental Hotel Le Vendôme, beirut

Le Vendôme Intercontinental Hotel is a five-star luxury hotel in Beirut, Lebanon.

Considered one of Lebanon's most upmarket hotels, Le Vendôme Intercontinental is located in the Ras Beirut district of Beirut, on the shoreline of the Mediterranean Sea. The hotel, intended mostly for wealthy businessmen and socialites, contains 51 deluxe executive rooms, as well as 22 spacious suites. The hotel is noted for its gastronomy, with the Au Premier restaurant which hosts Michelin Star chefs on a monthly basis, serving mainly French and European cuisine. The Sydney’s Club Bar and Restaurant is located on the roof of the hotel.[1]

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Coordinates: 33°54′06″N 35°29′30″E / 33.9017°N 35.4917°E / 33.9017; 35.4917