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For the Wikipedia guideline for the lead paragraph(s) of an article, see WP:LEAD

Lead is the metal lead. It can also be related to the verb to lead.

When pronounced /ˈlɛd/ (rhymes with "bed")[edit]

  • Leads, a term for metal miniature figures used in wargaming, which were once commonly made from an alloy of lead and tin.
  • Pencil lead, which is actually graphite but appears similar to oxidized lead metal
  • Sounding line or lead line ("the lead"), to measure water depth, in navigation
  • Tetraethyllead, the "lead" in leaded gasoline

The past tense of the verb to lead is led, pronounced /ˈlɛd/. It is often misspelled as lead.

See also:

  • Leading (or ledding) in typography

When pronounced /ˈld/ (rhymes with "need")[edit]

With this pronunciation, "lead" generally means "first", "ahead", or "guide":

Science and technology[edit]

Performing arts[edit]

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Writing, journalism, and publishing[edit]

  • Lead paragraph, the opening paragraph of an article
  • Lead (news) (or lede), the leading news story or leading part of a news story
  • News lead, a tip or clue that may lead to the uncovering of newsworthy information

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