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Leading Edge Forum
Division of CSC
Industry research and advisory services
Headquarters United Kingdom
Number of locations
Area served
Key people
Richard Davies , Managing Director.[1]
Parent CSC
Website leadingedgeforum.com

The Leading Edge Forum (LEF) is an information technology research and advisory services firm based in London, England, with offices across Europe, North America and Asia. The forum specializes in analyzing the intersection of business and information technology in large organizations, aimed at senior executive audiences, in both the commercial and public sectors. The forum has categorized its research into five domains; Digital Business Strategies, Business/IT Convergence, Consumerization & the IoT, Learning from Silicon Valley, The Changing Nature of Work. .[2]


The organization traces its roots back to 1988 when CSC acquired the consulting and research firms, Index Group [3] in the United States and later the Butler Cox Foundation [4] in the United Kingdom in 1991.

Index Group, originally founded by Thomas P. Gerrity and others from MIT was perhaps best known for coining the term business re-engineering popularized by the book by James Champy and Michael Hammer, Re-engineering the Corporation .[5] In collaboration with Michael Treacy, it also helped establish the Value Disciplines approach to business strategy.[6] The Butler Cox Foundation founded by David Butler [7] and George Cox [8] and created "the most successful membership organisation for CIOs ever initiated in Europe",[7] that would enable senior IT executives to exchange ideas and share experiences, backed by an ongoing research process.

The term, consumerization, was first fully explored by LEF in a position paper in June 2004 [9] , first known published paper on this topic. Four years later, in June 2008 the Wikipedia entry for Consumerization was created.


(as of 2014), the Managing Director is Richard Davies ,[10] (as of 2016) the Research Director is Dave Aron .[11]

Press coverage[edit]

Leading Edge Forum research has been mentioned by many news institutions including Forbes,[12] The Economist, [13] CIO Magazine [14] and Wall St Journal. [15]


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