Leadville Municipal Airport

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Leadville Army Airfield
Part of US Army Air Corps Hap Arnold Wings.svg Army Air Force Training Command
Lake County, near Leadville, Colorado
Leadville Army Airfield CO - 12 Oct 1999.jpg
1999 image of mobile home park (lower right) on the southeast of the airfield built on the end of an old runway (faintly discernible).
Coordinates 39°16′59.98″N 106°19′59.98″W / 39.2833278°N 106.3333278°W / 39.2833278; -106.3333278
Type Army Airfield
Site information
Controlled by United States Army Air Forces
(Third & Second Air Forces)
Site history
Built 1942[citation needed]
In use 1943-1944

Leadville Municipal Airport (Leadville Army Airfield c. Aug 1943-5)[1] was a Colorado World War II Army Airfield "adjacent to Highway No. 24"[2] and named for Leadville, Colorado, 2 mi (3.2 km) southeast.[citation needed]

Leadville Flight Strip[edit]

On September 10, 1943, the existing Leadville Flight Strip of ~49 acres (20 ha) included a 300 ft × 1,450 ft (91 m × 442 m) landing strip, and the "buildings area" was ~8 acres (3.2 ha).[2]

Leadville Army Airfield[edit]

The Leadville landing field became* a United States Army Air Forces Third Air Force auxiliary field of Colorado Springs' Peterson Field which was a photo reconnaissance training facility and base of the 35th Altitude Training Unit.[3][not in citation given]

Municipal airport[edit]

After being used as a post-war municipal airport, the Leadville facility closed and was dismantled by 1949.[citation needed]


*Peterson AAF gliders were used for Camp Hale's[4] Mountain Training Center (October 10, 1942-October 23, 1943), which operated for a few months at the beginning of Leadville Army Airfield.[5] Camp Hale also had a Military Munitions Site[6] where unexploded ordnance was found in 2002.[7]

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