Leaves of Glass

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Leaves of Glass
Written by Philip Ridley

Steven (Male, aged 27)

Barry (Male, aged 22)

Debbie (Female, aged 33)

Liz (Female, aged 55)
Date premiered 3 May 2007
Place premiered Soho Theatre, London
Original language English

Leaves of Glass is the sixth adult stage play by Philip Ridley. It premiered at the Soho Theatre in London, England, on 3rd May 2007.[1] The play was commissioned and directed by Lisa Goldman after being greatly impressed by Ridley's previous adult stage play Mercury Fur.[2] The production was Lisa Goldman's first in her tenure as artistic director of the Soho Theatre.[3] Like Mercury Fur the play starred Ben Whishaw in its premiere production.

It is the second entry in Ridley's unofficially titled "Brothers Trilogy", having been preceded by Mercury Fur and followed by Piranha Heights.[4][5]


The play is about two brothers, Steven who is the head of a successful graffiti removal company and Barry his younger brother who works for him since he is struggling to get income and recognition from being an artist.

The story concerns the silence which has prevailed over a traumatic incident from their childhood which for years they have been unwilling to talk about and come to terms with.


Leaves of Glass was the first of Ridley's plays for adults that completely rejects Aristotle's unities of drama, with the story instead taking place in a variety of locations and spanning many months. It has seventeen scenes and no interval with the play lasting approximately two hours in performance.

Although two of Ridley's previous plays The Fastest Clock in the Universe and Ghost from a Perfect Place each had two acts with a space for an interval, each act retained the same location with a very small time gap between each.

Notable productions[edit]


3 May 2007 at The Soho Theatre, London. Directed by Lisa Goldman.

American Premiere

18 January 2009 at the Peter Jay Sharp Theatre, New York.


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