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Founded on December 7, 1946, the Lebanese Order of Physicians in Beirut is the largest medical organization and physician group in Lebanon. Its membership of 12,000 aims to pursue and promote optimal healthcare system and policies in Lebanon thus the region. Physicians are specialists who apply scientific knowledge and clinical expertise to the diagnosis, treatment, and compassionate care of adults across the spectrum from health to complex illness.


The Lebanese Order of Physicians’ mission is a medical, healthy, scientific, administrative, and a guiding mission that aims to:

  1. Unify the doctors’ word, defend their rights, maintain their legitimate moral and material interests, raise the level of their profession, and ensure the ethics and dignity of the medical care.
  2. Discipline doctors to its laws and to the medical ethics.
  3. Express an opinion and make suggestions for laws and regulations related to the profession of medicine and health agreements.
  4. Express an opinion in sending medical missions and in attending international health conferences.
  5. Coordinate with government institutions, especially with the Ministries of Public Health and Environment, to take the correct and useful decisions in the issues related to public health, and the formulation of national health policies.
  6. Provide suggestions on the medical curriculum in colleges and institutes of medicine in Lebanon, and ensure the professional eligibility of physicians.
  7. Contribute along with local and international institutions to defend human rights in health issues.
  8. Coordinate with the Ministries of Public Health and Media on all matters related to public medical information and medical programs of any kind.
  9. Express an opinion in the organization of the professions of assistance in the field of medicine.
  10. Develop a manual on doctor fees.
  11. Seek to solve the disputes that might occur among physicians or between them and their patients.
  12. Help the doctors, or their families’, that are in need or with disabilities, and establish a retirement (pension) fund for aging and disability insurance.
  13. Put a self-health insurance for the medical entity, and establish a synergistic fund for this purpose.


Position Photo Name Duration
1 Raif Abi Al-Lamaa 1947–1948
2 Mohamad Haidar 1949–1950
3 Joseph Al-Feghali 1951–1952
4 Najib Saad 1953–1954
5 Philip Chedid 1955–1956
6 Najib Saad 1957–1958
7 Antoine Hasri 1959–1960
8 Afif Mfarrej 1961–1962
9 Philip Chedid 1963–1964
10 Afif Mfarej 1965–1966
11 Antoine Hanin 1967–1968
12 Farid Haddad 1969–1970
13 Antoine Hanin 1971–1972
14 Joseph Azar 1973–1974
15 Fouad Al-Chemali 1975–1987
16 Michel Salhab 1988–1989
17 Mounir Rahme 1990–1991
18 Fouad Al-Boustani 1992–1995
19 Faek Youness 1995–1998
20 Ghattas Al-Khoury 1998–2001
21 Mahmoud Choucair 2001–2004
22 Mario Aoun 2004–2007
23 Georges Aftimos 2007–2010
24 Charaf Abou Charaf 2010–2013
25 Antoine Boustany 2013–2016
26 Raymond Sayegh 2016 -


  • Baalback
  • Bekaa
  • Jounieh
  • Nabatieh
  • Saida


Media & Communication Committee

  • Dr. Laudy Abou Reda
  • Dr. Wassim El Bitar
  • Dr. Paula Karam
  • Dr. Mohamad Mazraani
  • Dr. Hachem Noureldine
  • Dr. Richard Rizk
  • Dr. Jean Claude Saab

Scientific Committee

Administrative Committee


  1. Role of the Order
  2. Charah Abou Charaf: The Order of Physicians... after half a century - From Pioneers.. to a promising future (1946-2013)

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