Lednica (lake)

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For other places with the same name, see Lednica (disambiguation).
Location Greater Poland Voivodeship
Coordinates 52°33′N 17°22′E / 52.550°N 17.367°E / 52.550; 17.367Coordinates: 52°33′N 17°22′E / 52.550°N 17.367°E / 52.550; 17.367
Basin countries Poland
Surface area 3.48 km2 (1.34 sq mi)
Surface elevation 110 m (360 ft)
Symbolic fish shaped gate

Lednica is a lake and surrounding protected landscape area in Poland, in Greater Poland Voivodeship, located between Poznań and Gniezno. It is known for annual youth meetings that take place in early June. These religious events last for two days. The high point of the festival is a nocturnal walk under a massive steel fish structure - a symbol of Christianity.

The place is regarded as a possible site of the Baptism of Poland, where the first historical ruler of Poland Mieszko I accepted Christianity in 966. An island on the lake called Ostrów Lednicki contains remains of residential and sacral stone architecture from the 10th and 11th century.

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