Lee Dae-ro Can't Die

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Lee Dae-ro Can't Die
Lee Dae-ro Can't Die.jpg
Poster to Lee Dae-ro Can't Die (2005)
Hangul ,
Revised Romanization Lee Dae-ro, juneul sun eobda
McCune–Reischauer Yi Tae-ro, chuŭl sun ŏpta
Directed by Lee Young-eun
Produced by Kim Dong-ju
Kim Young-wun
Written by Hwang Jo-yun
Starring Lee Beom-soo
Byeon Ju-yeon
Choi Seong-guk
Music by Han Jae-kwon
Cinematography Hong Jong-gyeong
Edited by Kim Sun-min
Distributed by ShowEast
Release date
  • August 18, 2005 (2005-08-18)
Running time
108 minutes
Country South Korea
Language Korean
Box office US$4,736,013[1]

Lee Dae-ro Can't Die (Hangul이대로, 죽을 순 없다; RRI Dae-ro jukeulsun opta; also known as Short Time) is a 2005 South Korean action film about a corrupt police officer who is told he has only three months to live, and plots his own death so his wife can collect his insurance policy. The film was released to South Korean cinemas on August 18 and received a total of 838,419 admissions nationwide.[2]

The film is similar to that of the 1990 American dark comedy film, Short Time.


An officer in the violent crimes division, Dae-ro is a hero in his daughter Hyun-ji's eyes, but in fact he's a corrupt cop, interested only in bribe money and pretty women. He is totally selfish and takes great pains to keep himself out of harm's way, avoiding the danger inherent in his job. One day, while in pursuit of a suspect, Dae-ro faints and is taken to the hospital. There he is told that he has a brain tumor and has about three months to live at most. To provide for his daughter's financial security, Dae-ro plots his own death that will appear accidental so that she will collect a sizable insurance premium.


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