Lee Ki-baik

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This is a Korean name; the family name is Lee.
Lee Ki-baik
Hangul 이기백
Hanja 李基白
Revised Romanization I Gi-baek
McCune–Reischauer Yi Ki-baek

Lee Ki-baik[1] (1924–2004) was a leading South Korean historian. He was born in Jeongju-gun, in North Pyeongan province in what is today North Korea. He graduated from the Osan School in 1941, attending Waseda University in Tokyo but ultimately graduating from Seoul National University in 1947.

Lee's most noted work was the New History of Korea (Kuksa Sillon, to echo Shin Chaeho's 1908 Doksa Sillon), first published in 1967 and revised thereafter. However, his works are now criticized as the extension of a colonial history policy by Japan.[2] His advisor in academia was Yi Byeongdo who was one of the members of Joseonsa Pyeonsuhoe(조선사편수회).

His son, Yi In-seong(이인성) is a South Korean modern novelist.


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