Lee Kwang-hoon

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Lee Kwang-hoon
Born 1959
Nationality South Korean
Occupation Filmmaker
Known for Ghost in Love
Korean name
Hangul 이광훈
Revised Romanization I Gwanghun
McCune–Reischauer Ri Kwanghun

Lee Kwang-hoon (born 1959) is a South Korean filmmaker who has directed four feature-length films.

Education and career[edit]

Lee was born in South Korea in 1959, and studied at Sogang University for his Bachelor of Arts and in Ohio State University to get his Master of Arts. His first movie Doctor Bong was the biggest success in box office in Korea in 1995.[1]

Lee's 1999 film Ghost in Love (Jaguimo) was one of the leading films in the "new wave" of Korean cinema[2] around the turn of the millennium designed to produce blockbusters to rival Hollywood.[3]

In 2008 Lee was involved in controversy when he accused Kim Tae-kyun, the director of Crossing, of plagiarism.[4]


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