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Lee Smart is a Canadian actor, writer and comedian[1] currently based in Toronto.

Smart is an alumnus of The Second City Theatre,[2][3] Toronto's oldest comedy institution, performing there from 1994 to 2001.[4] As part of the mainstage cast, he co-wrote and performed in a number of award-nominated and winning original revues, including "Sordio Deluxo",[5] "Y2K: The Chip Hits The Fan" and "Nude Beach Wear: 100% Off!" Other live productions include has co-written and starred the sci-fi comedic play "Overlords!"[6] and the Lord of the Rings inspired satire "Rings!"

In association with Steve Smith and S&S Productions, Smart also produced, wrote and starred in the critically acclaimed Comedy Network series "The 5th Quadrant" (13 episodes, 2000–2002).[7][8]

As an actor, Smart has been featured in several TV and radio commercials as well as TV and film roles including "The Prizewinner of Defiance Ohio", "Honey" and "Undercover Brother".

He is also a member of Illusionoid, with Paul Bates and Nug Nahrgang[9][10] Illusionoid produces a popular improvised comedy science fiction podcast featuring guest stars and appearances by well-known comedy performers, including Colin Mochrie and Sean Cullen.[11][12]

Smart performed the role of King Cole in An Inconvenient Musical,[13] based on the environmental ideas of Al Gore.[14][15]

In 2013, Smart is a Creative Director at Second City Communications in Toronto,[16][17] as well as a partner with his wife Lindsay Leese in Smartleese Creative Inc. a company that provides creative and training services for corporate clients in the Toronto area.


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