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The Leech Cup is an award name after Arthur Blennerhassett Leech, and given to long range shooters. It is the oldest trophy awarded in competitive target shooting in the United States.[1] Firing is with rifles equipped with metallic, non-magnifying sights.[2]


The cup was presented to the Amateur Rifle Club of New York by Arthur Blennerhassett Leech. He was the Captain of the Irish Rifle Team and in 1874 he had the cup made to celebrate his team coming to America. It was presented to the National Rifle Association in 1901 by the Amateur Rifle Club of New York. The Cup was lost in 1913 and was not recovered until 1927. The trophy is awarded each year in the NRA National High Power Championships.[1]

Recent Winners[edit]

Source: NRA

  • 2017 Jim Sokolowski
  • 2016 John L. Whidden
  • 2015 Phillip R. Crowe
  • 2014 Phillip R. Crowe
  • 2013 Michelle M. Gallagher
  • 2012 Nancy H. Tompkins
  • 2011 Nancy H. Tompkins
  • 2010 John L. Whidden
  • 2009 Thomas P. Rider
  • 2008 John L. Whidden
  • 2007 SPC Tyrel L. Cooper, USA
  • 2006 SFC Lance D. Dement, USA
  • 2005 Nancy H Tompkins
  • 2004 David Tubb (2004)
  • 1903 Corporal Charles Blish Winder of the Ohio National Guard [3]

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