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Leeds Intelligencer
Leedes Intelligencer
The Altar, the Throne and the Cottage
Ceased publication1866 (became Yorkshire Post and Leeds Intelligencer)
OCLC number25855905

The Leeds Intelligencer or Leedes Intelligencer was one of the first regional newspapers in Great Britain. It was founded in Leeds, West Riding of Yorkshire, England, in 1754[1] and first published on 2 July 1754.[2] It was a weekly paper until it was renamed and became the daily Yorkshire Post, first published on Monday 2 July 1866.[3] It was published under the motto of The Altar, the Throne and the Cottage and was, from the outset, a conservative newspaper.[4] It dropped the extra 'e' from the name Leedes in 1765[5] and was recognized as being anti-Catholic and being opposed to Chartism.[4]

In 1865 it was acquired by the Yorkshire Conservative Newspaper Company Limited (now Yorkshire Post Newspapers).[5]


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