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The Legacy series of essay collections was produced by Oxford University Press, from the early 1920s. It was aimed at Workers' Educational Association and university extension courses, and was an initiative of John Johnson.[1]

The more recent Appraisal volumes move away from general surveys, to include articles with a focus on the history of relevant literary topics.[2]

Title Year Editor Comment
The Legacy of Greece 1921 Richard Winn Livingstone Followed by The Pageant of Greece and The Mission of Greece, both also edited by Livingstone.
The Legacy of Rome 1923 Cyril Bailey[3]
The Legacy of the Middle Ages 1926 Charles George Crump
Ernest Fraser Jacob
The Legacy of Israel 1927 Edwyn Bevan
Charles Joseph Singer[4]
The Legacy of Islam 1931 Thomas Walker Arnold
Alfred Guillaume
2nd edition 1974, edited by Joseph Schacht and Clifford Edmund Bosworth
The Legacy of India 1942 Geoffrey Theodore Garratt Authors: Hugh George Rawlinson, Frederick William Thomas
The Legacy of Egypt 1942 Stephen Ranulph Kingdon Glanville 2nd edition 1972, edited by J. R. Harris
The Legacy of Persia 1953 Arthur John Arberry
The Legacy of China 1964 Raymond Dawson
The Legacy of Greece: A New Appraisal 1981 Moses Finley
The Legacy of Rome: A New Appraisal[5] 1983 Richard Jenkyns
The Legacy of Mesopotamia 1998 Stephanie Dalley


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