Legore Lake

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LeGore Lake
Location Eagle Cap Wilderness, Wallowa County, Oregon, US
Coordinates 45°18′35″N 117°20′48″W / 45.3096°N 117.3466°W / 45.3096; -117.3466Coordinates: 45°18′35″N 117°20′48″W / 45.3096°N 117.3466°W / 45.3096; -117.3466[1]
Type Tarn
Primary outflows Falls Creek
Basin countries United States
Max. length 193 yards (176 m)
Max. width 124 yards (113 m)
Surface elevation 8,950 ft (2,730 m)
References [1]

LeGore Lake is a tarn located in the Eagle Cap Wilderness of northeastern Oregon, United States. It is the highest true lake in Oregon at 8,950 feet (2,730 m) elevation.[2] It is positioned near Twin Peaks[3] and is accessed by a 4-mile hiking trail that ascends 4,000 feet and passes the LeGore mine, the lake's namesake.[4]